Custom Software

We offer a wide range of custom software.
Software we develop ranges from simple PHP scripts (for example, additional modules for online stores) to desktop applications to enterprise web applications.
We cover the whole software development life-cycle, including:

  • requirements analysis
  • project
  • software design
  • testing
  • preparing project documentation
  • deployment
  • support and maintenance

In projects without fully specified final requirements or projects offering frequent modifications of specification, we use agile software development methodologies, including eXtreme programming, which allow for necessary adjustments.
Thanks to these methodologies, customers can follow the functionality of the program being developed and tune it according to their needs.

In order to ensure greater flexibility and ease of modifications of applications, we can offer additional solutions, such as:

  • Domain-specific languages allowing for isolating fast changing business logic of the program from the remaining part of the application
  • Business Process Management (BPM) allowing for the development, visualization and management of business processes of a company for which the application is developed.